Logitech G27 Pedals to Thrustmaster TX/T300 Base Adaptor 

It seems to be a secret how to build an adaptor cable to connect the Logitech G27/G29 (maybe G25) pedals to a Thrustmaster TX/T300 (T500) Base.


The cable has only been tested with stock G27/G29 pedals and not with any mod such as a load cell. Use at your own risk!


I did the research on my own and here you will find the pinout to build an adaptorcable.


What you need:

- DB 9 Female connector

- RJ12 Connector with asymmetrical lock (I used an old fully connected Telekom Splitter Cable)

- Cable with 6 wires


Please note that Thrustmasterpedals use 12 kOhms potentiometers on the brake as well as the gaspedals where as Logitech use 10 kOhms on clutch-,brake- and gaspedals.


The cable does not need any resistors or electronical components.


Homepage online

19.07.2012 - under construction


Update 03.09.2015:

Pinout for Logitech G27 Pedals to Thrustmaster TX/T300GTE Base Adaptorcable


Update 05.09.2015:

- N64 Multinorm schematic


Update 06.09.2015:

- Twin Famicom Stereo Amp schematic

- Philips CD-i 370 Power Supply pinout


Update 25.11.2015:

- N64 Multinorm schematic updated & simple overclocking guide added

- Mega Drive/Master System/Mark 3 Rom Flashing (work in progress)


Update 10.04.2016:
- Thrustmaster TH8A adaptor plate for analog handbrake (WIP)
- little Update in the Raceseat section
Update 14.04.2016:
- Pictures of Prototype adaptor plate for the TH8A Shifter
Update 19.09.2016:
- TH8A adaptor plate updated Design with prototype knob
Update 28.11.2016
- Thrustmaster T300 remove sqeak from Steering Wheel
Update 16.03.2017
- Gaming Rig Update with Pictures
Update 28.03.2017
- Press Information to "Paprium" added
Update 18.05.2017
- Gimx Adaptor Information added  with Fanatec CSL Config File
Update 12.10.2019
- Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 
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