GIMX Adaptor information

The Gimx adaptor is an adaptor which is used to make controllers/wheels compatible to different gaming consoles and PC.


The Gimx is a DIY adaptor but can also be bought completely assembeled for 30€ at the official Shop at https://blog.gimx.fr/


What you need is the adaptor, the Gimx Software,Firmware files, Gimx Loader Tool (When you use the official Adaptor from the shop) and the Logitech Gaming Software (When you want to Emulate the G27 on a PC):









You also need a computer to run the Gimx Software or you can also use a Rasperry Pi with Ubuntu.


I personally use an old Samsung Netbook with Windows 10 64 Bit.



I will cover here two scenarios.

- Using Gimx Adaptor to use any PC compatible Racing Wheel via emulating a G27 on a PC

- Using Gimx Adaptor to use any PC compatible Racing Wheel via emulating a G29 on a PS4



- Install the Gimx Software on your computer. 

- Extrakt the Firmware files

- Extract the Gimx Loader file


Flashing the GIMX Adaptor:

In the extracted Firmware files look out for a folder called EMUG29PS4 (When you want to use it with your PS4) or EMUG27PC (When you want to use it with your PC).

From this folder copy the file "atmega32u4.hex" to the gimx loader folder.


Info: the official Gimx adaptor uses an Atmel Mega 32u4 chip. If you use another board and chip then you have to choose the right file for your board.


Start the gimx loader ("loader.exe"). Follow the instructions and the Firmware will be flashed to the Gimx adaptor.


....to be continued







Here you will find preconfigured Config Files for use with Fanatec Hardware:



Gimx Fanatec CSL Config File
Gimx config file for CSL Elite Wheel Base, P1 Rim and CSL Pedals with Loadcell (LC)
Fanatec CSL Elite Base_P1_CSL LC_to_PS4_[...]
XML-Dokument [4.3 KB]


Homepage online

19.07.2012 - under construction


Update 03.09.2015:

Pinout for Logitech G27 Pedals to Thrustmaster TX/T300GTE Base Adaptorcable


Update 05.09.2015:

- N64 Multinorm schematic


Update 06.09.2015:

- Twin Famicom Stereo Amp schematic

- Philips CD-i 370 Power Supply pinout


Update 25.11.2015:

- N64 Multinorm schematic updated & simple overclocking guide added

- Mega Drive/Master System/Mark 3 Rom Flashing (work in progress)


Update 10.04.2016:
- Thrustmaster TH8A adaptor plate for analog handbrake (WIP)
- little Update in the Raceseat section
Update 14.04.2016:
- Pictures of Prototype adaptor plate for the TH8A Shifter
Update 19.09.2016:
- TH8A adaptor plate updated Design with prototype knob
Update 28.11.2016
- Thrustmaster T300 remove sqeak from Steering Wheel
Update 16.03.2017
- Gaming Rig Update with Pictures
Update 28.03.2017
- Press Information to "Paprium" added
Update 18.05.2017
- Gimx Adaptor Information added  with Fanatec CSL Config File
Update 12.10.2019
- Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 
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