My own little history:


Before i bought a Thrustmaster wheel i had used a Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel on a wheel stand from Fanatec.

This was a real good one and was compatible with XBOX 360/PS3 and PC but it was not compatible with XBOX One and PS4. I tried to use a cronusmax adaptor but the results were not very satisfying because the adaptor just emulates a gamepad and maps the buttons of the wheel to buttons on the gamepad. Rumble and Force Feedback were either not available or the forces were disturbing and not correct. Last but not least the gamepads analogue stick was emulated to the wheel so that you only had 180 degrees of wheel spin for 100% wheel spin ingame.


In 2015 i bought a Playseats Playseat Evolution with a Logitech G27 and a PS3 used.

It works well with PS3 and especially with Gran Tourismo 6. I had real fun playing the game.

First time ever i had a playseat and was very proud to have it.

But i had to quickly realise that the Logitech G27 Racing Wheel could only be used on PS3 and PC (other consoles via cronusmax adpator or similar ones).


I searched the internet for available and affordable racing wheels. 

So i came across the Thrustmaster Wheels.


Why Thrustmaster?



Personally i think that Thrustmaster has the best Racing Steering Wheels in the market for an affordable price.


Until today (16.03.2017) i had no troubles with the Thrustmaster wheels.

But a friend of mine bought one in February 2017 and the first one he got was dead on arrival. The second one lost it´s Force Feedback and had calibration problems resulting in very noisy and unsoft  hitting the wheel end positions.

When searching the www you will find several person having these issues.


Sadly i have no information for you right now how to get rid of these problems and repair it.





More information coming soon. Page WIP.


Homepage online

19.07.2012 - under construction


Update 03.09.2015:

Pinout for Logitech G27 Pedals to Thrustmaster TX/T300GTE Base Adaptorcable


Update 05.09.2015:

- N64 Multinorm schematic


Update 06.09.2015:

- Twin Famicom Stereo Amp schematic

- Philips CD-i 370 Power Supply pinout


Update 25.11.2015:

- N64 Multinorm schematic updated & simple overclocking guide added

- Mega Drive/Master System/Mark 3 Rom Flashing (work in progress)


Update 10.04.2016:
- Thrustmaster TH8A adaptor plate for analog handbrake (WIP)
- little Update in the Raceseat section
Update 14.04.2016:
- Pictures of Prototype adaptor plate for the TH8A Shifter
Update 19.09.2016:
- TH8A adaptor plate updated Design with prototype knob
Update 28.11.2016
- Thrustmaster T300 remove sqeak from Steering Wheel
Update 16.03.2017
- Gaming Rig Update with Pictures
Update 28.03.2017
- Press Information to "Paprium" added
Update 18.05.2017
- Gimx Adaptor Information added  with Fanatec CSL Config File
Update 12.10.2019
- Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 
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