Philips CD-i 370 Power Supply Pinout


If you need a power supply fpr your Philips CD-i 370 you can make own by your own.


What you need:

- universal Notebook power supply with an output from at least 20 to 21V (24V should also work but not tested). The power supply needs to have an usb output build in.

- 5 pin Mini Din male connector

- USB cable


Put the USB cable into the universal power supply.

Cut the other end of your USB cable and the end of the power supply connector (which normally goes into the Notebook) to the same length. 

From the USB cable we only need the wire which carries +5V.

From the Power Supply you have to measure which wire is GND and which is +21V.


Solder every wire to the 5 pin Mini DIN male connector as shown in the schematic and you should have a working power supply for your Philips CD-i 370.


Hint: If you don´t get a 5 pin Mini Din connector you can also use a 6 Pin Mini DIN connector and remove the 6th pin.




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